Twin City Garage Door

Smooth & V-Groove Overlay

Midland Overlay ThermoSteel™ garage doors combine the strength and energy efficiency of our 2-inch ThermoSteel garage door with the beauty and charm of traditional Carriage House style designs. Choose from Midland's 20 standard designs or create your own. The option of adding windows and hardware creates virtually endless opportunities. You may also request your door only be primed, giving you freedom to paint it any color you chose.



  • 20 standard design options. Custom options available at additional charge

  • Seven window design options

  • Available in all nine Midland colors

  • Available decorative hardware



  • The base door color is available in seven Midland colors

  • The Smart Trim overlay boards are primed, painted and finished white by the factory and can be re-painted any color by the homeowner

  • Wind load certification available