Twin City Garage Door

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Garage Door Man!


Do I need to do any maintenance on my door to keep it running well? 
Yes, its been stated that no other part of your home experiences as much wear and tear as your garage door. The average door will go up and down over a thousand times per year. When kept in good working order, it will provide convenience and security. But a neglected door can not only become as noisy as our old Ford Model A, but will also pose a significant risk to your family, especially your children and pets. To keep it running smoothly you should:

  • Lubricate the hinges, rollers and springs every six months
  • Check the hinges to make sure the nuts and/or screws are tight
  • Examine the cables on the side of the door for fraying. Do not attempt to replace without proper training. These cables are under extreme tension


All garage doors look alike from the outside so why is quality important?
The answer to this question is a main reason for this website. Since garage doors do look alike from the outside the consumer must check on the features that will keep it looking new after years of service. The steel thickness plays an important role in the strength and door integrity so that after thousands of cycles there is minimum warping, denting and wear. High cycle Torsion Springs mean longer service and better door operation. Heavy gauge track keeps the door in place, both opened and closed. 

How much headroom is needed for proper installation?
Headroom is defined as the measurement from the top of the door to the nearest obstruction in the ceiling. Check for obstructions toward the center of the garage that may be in the way of the door in the open position. Standard headroom requirements may vary from residential to commercial applications.

If needed there are track configurations that will work well for Low Headroom, Hi-Lift, Full Vertical and also follow the roof (pitched track) situations.

Why a steel door over a wood door?
There is no need to paint steel doors (unless a different color is desired). Wood doors must be maintained to prevent rotting and warping. Steel door warranties are longer than wood doors. Steel doors may be insulated with thicker material so that R-Values are higher.

Steel doors have a constant weight and are mostly unaffected by changing weather where wood doors absorb moisture and become heavier which makes it tougher on door springs and operators, not to mention the person opening the door by hand.

I need new sections only, can I keep my old track?
We recommend that all parts of the garage door are replaced when purchasing a new door. There is a very good chance that the sections would not fit the track because of difference in door thickness. Also the warranty would be voided unless the door came as a complete unit.

When buying a new car we don't keep our old seats because they were in "good" shape and the same holds true in garage doors. Get everything NEW.

Can I get a special size door? I have an old garage with a non-standard size.
Yes. Doors can be made to within the inch on width, and are made in 3" increments for the height. RSP and Flush type doors are not available in 7'3" high.

I see a lot of different R-Values out there. Why?
The R-Value is a calculation used to measure heat transfer through a material. The factors involved are thickness of material, what kind of material and the temperature difference at the time of measurement. The differences among manufacturers may come from measuring methods and the amount of time after manufacturing the section before R-Value measurements are taken.

Installed R-Value varies greatly from installation to installation because of factors out of the manufacturers control, such as weatherstrip, door jamb construction and other installation techniques.

Why use Torsion Springs?
For proper balance and ease of operation. Torsion springs provide a uniform, even lift for your door and provide added safety for your family. A spring failure does not result in dangerous flying debris.